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I previously did a blog post reviewing Now You See Me - which was part of my A-Z April challenge. In this review I stated I was unsure whether the second film would live up to expectations set by the first film and whether the new character - Lula - would be just as lovable as the original 'Female Horseman' Henley. However all my uncertainty for the film didn't stop me being excited about the long awaited release of the second film - and once I'd seen the movie to say I was nicely surprised at how good it was, is probably an understatement. I was completely overjoyed afterwards - the sort of happy you get when you've seen a really good film and then you don't really know what to do with yourself afterwards because you just want to watch it again and again but you can't.

It's no secret I've been a huge fan of magic since I was little. Me and my cousin use to do 'magic tricks' with a pack of playing cards, and we'd always try (and fail) to trick people. We use to watch Stephen Mulhern's show on CITV and maybe that's what started my love of magic - but ever since I can remember I've just been mesmerised at how magicians do their tricks - how they can easily fool people without anyone having a clue how they've done it.

The beginning of the second movie starts with the horsemen being in hiding - after their last big show that is featured at the end of the first movie, 'the eye' gives them no further instructions and after being stuck in the shadows for a year, the horsemen begin to get impatient. Cue the new girl horseman - Lula - joining the team and instructions, that their big comeback is based around exposing a corrupt business man and his dodgy software. However, the show they've overtaken is interrupted by a mysterious individual who starts revealing the horsemen's biggest secrets - that Jack Wilder is in fact alive and Dylan Rhodes is the the FBI's inside mole. As they flee the stage to escape the mastermind that's outsmarted them - they find themselves in China, and are captured by that same mastermind - Walter Mabry - a deceitful computer wizard, who blackmails the Horsemen into stealing a powerful chip that can control all of the computers across the world; a lethal device if it ends up in the wrong hands. The only way the Horsemen can complete the task is by throwing and catching a playing card that they've attach the chip to - something that Jack Wilder is an expert at, and has to train the other Horsemen to do.

Meanwhile, back in America, Dylan Rhodes, hatches a plot against Thaddeus Bradley (The character that exposes magicians tricks and Rhodes got arrested in the previous movie), so he can find out where the Horsemen have disappeared to and why he can't get in contact with them. He soon makes his way to China, but due to arguing with 'head horseman' Daniel Atlas over the leadership role of the group - the characters aren't properly reunited until Rhodes saves the Chip from getting into Mabry's hands.This part of the plot is very frustrating as I just wanted the characters to make up and work together on the case, however I think it does work really well against the main plot; and as an extra story strand, the group being split up and the arguments among Rhodes and Atlas; really add to the stress of the situation that the characters are already facing. The ending of the second film is probably my favourite part of the movie, all loose ends are tied up and the characters really come together to pull off a huge trick - I just adore how everything comes together, all the little confusing parts within the film finally make sense and it's such a "OH MY GOD" moment as you finally understand everything that's happened and that is currently happening.

I don't want to explain the plot too much - for one there are so many different parts and layers it's almost impossible for me to explain (at least until I've watched the movie a few more times) - but also because like the first movie, there are some REALLY interesting plot twists and reveals throughout the movie, and they're something you need to watch yourself, otherwise you ruin the entire element of surprise, and that's what makes the film so good.

Although the first film was my favourite movie for 3 years - I think I actually prefer the second film; the horsemen are finding their feet in working as a team, they have to come across some serious issues within the group, they meet more members of the eye, Rhodes finds out more things about his father (something that's a BIG basis for both movies) and the climax of the movie is even better than the first. Even though the franchise could easily be ended here, with the second movie ending as incredibly interesting as it did, I can only hope they'll make a third movie in another 3 years time, as I absolutely love the story of the 4 horsemen and the eye and I can only hope they continue it.

"It's pointless to believe what you see, if you only see what you believe"

Until Next Time,

Alice x

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