Weetabix Breakfast Smoothie

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Deciding to go on another health kick, I was getting kinda bored of having the same old cereals and fruit for breakfast and I wanted to try something new; eating the same old things was making it difficult for me to be healthy and I wasn't enjoying what I was eating.

Spotting this recipe on the back of a weetabix box, I thought I'd give it a go and see if I enjoyed it - I thought it was the answer to trying something new and mixing up my breakfast routine a bit. Safe to say it was both enjoyable and filling - perfect for a breakfast time. The smoothie just tasted like eating a weetabix for breakfast except it was in drink form than a solid form. It's also a really good recipe to follow if you haven't got time for breakfast in the morning - it's a great thing to have on the go, as well as being really healthy, nutritious and full of vitamins.

Sumptuous Smoothie:

With this recipe I used my Kilner Drinking Jar, and I filled it to the top with some leftover mixture as well, so if you want to make this smoothie for two or more people I'd probably double or triple the batch.


1 Weetabix
A Handful of Raspberries
A Handful of Strawberries
150ml of Yoghurt (For this I used No Fat Greek Yoghurt)
200ml of Milk


1) Measure out the yoghurt and milk and pour them both into the blender
2) Put your weetabix into the blender with the yoghurt and milk
3) Grab a literal handful of raspberries and strawberries and place these into the blender with all your other ingredients.
4) Blend all your smoothie together until it is smooth, tip it into a glass and enjoy!
(It doesn't really matter which order you put all the ingredients into the blender as long as they're included.)


I used Greek Yoghurt for the smoothie, however I would recommend either including honey as well as the yoghurt or using a honey yoghurt as using Greek Yoghurt alone made the smoothie a bit bitter. OR
Including less greek yoghurt and more milk may be the answer - as this would make the smoothie a bit thinner as well, as including so much yoghurt did make it quite thick.

If you don't like Raspberries/Strawberries, only include one or the other. Both are only included to add more flavours to your smoothie.

If you have a Kilner Drinker Jar, I would recommend using it and a straw for your smoothie - it makes the drink feel a lot more summery and it makes the idea of drinking a healthy smoothie a lot more exciting (for me anyway - but I am a bit strange)

"In life, much like smoothies, you get out what you put in"

Until Next Time,

Alice x

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