Matilda The Musical

After booking tickets to spend the weekend in London and deciding Matilda was the West End show me and my best friend, Meg, wanted to see; we arrived in London on Saturday 25th June and after our bus didn't turn up and we initially couldn't figure out which tube line to take, we started to have a bit of a panic and I wondered why we ever thought it was a good idea to come alone to London in the first place. But, after we eventually managed to make it to Shaftesbury avenue, where we seeked out the Cambridge Theatre and went to the Theatre Cafe for lunch, things started to seem a little bit brighter and we both started to actually enjoy ourselves.

Matilda The Musical is based on the children's novel 'Matilda' written by Roald Dahl. It was adapted into a musical by Dennis Kelly (with music and lyrics from Tim Minchin) and although he changed a few things about the story such as writing a part for the librarian who runs the library Matilda visits, and including more of a base story for the history of Miss Honey's mother and father; there were reasons for these changes, he wanted to keep Matilda's love for books in the play - as this is one of the main character values for Matilda - so to do this he changed her love for books into a love of stories, so the play stayed interesting for the new and old audiences and this meant we continue to love the story, in it's new musical form. The most iconic parts of the play were also kept in the musical, these were parts of the story such as Amanda being swung around by her plaits and launched into the air, Matilda's unique gift of moving things with her eyes and Bruce being forced to eat a whole chocolate cake; all the parts of the story that we instantly think of when we think of Matilda were kept, for me, these are the most memorable parts of the story, they show what a horrible character Miss Trunchbull is and the karma that follows these vile acts, comes back to bite Miss Trunchbull on the bum, and helps add comedy to the story; these iconic moments are therefore very important to the story of Matilda as they hold the basis of why the children start playing naughty pranks on their headteacher in the first place.

Matilda is an extraordinarily clever 5 year old girl, with horrid parents, Mr and Mrs Wormwood - who never wanted another child, and a dumb older brother who has been brain washed by the rubbish TV he's watched his whole life, Matilda is a lonely girl who visits the library and reads books as a way of expanding her mind and finding some happiness within her lonely life. Her cleverness completely overthrows her parents and she outwit's them throughout the book and musical , making them look stupid and act silly - which adds further comedy to the story.

Miss Trunchbull is the horrid Headteacher that runs Crunchem Elementary Hall, the mean Aunt of Miss Honey, she gets away with vile acts that no normal headteacher would be allowed to do - the Chokey is one example of a punishment she carries out on the children and her character was always one that scared me when I was younger; with the greasy hair and the largeness of the character - next to that of the tiny children never failed to make me terrified whilst watching the film or reading the book. The children continually carry out pranks on the headmistress and there's always the fear they're going to get caught no matter how well you know the story. Its the fact the children actually carry out these naughty acts, that shows how brave they are and Miss Trunchbull's karma comes from a lot of these naughty pranks.

Miss Honey is Matilda's kind and caring teacher - Miss Honey is blown away by the fact Matilda is so clever when she's only 5 years old and although Mr and Mrs Wormwood and Miss Trunchbull both try and deter Miss Honey from helping Matilda - it doesn't work and Miss Honey becomes the mother that Matilda never had, as well as bonding with her over stories/books. She's the only character in the story that really believes in Matilda and helps her develop her gifts. She protects all the children from Miss Trunchbull - even though she is terrified of her Aunt; and when she meets Matilda she starts to find her bravery to stand up to her - which first comes clear in the song "Pathetic" when Miss Honey - despite being scared - knocks on her Aunt's office door and talks to her about Matilda's extraordinary cleverness.

The Children aka Matilda's school friends are Amanda, Bruce, Lavender, Alice, Eric, Nigel, Tommy and Hortensia - these are the amazing children that help make the play feel realistic, they give Matilda friends, give Miss Honey's class actual students, create mischief like Lavender putting the Newt in Miss Trunchball's water jug, add comedic moments - like Nigel's inability to hold up an exercise mat in Phys-ed, they dance on their desks and get frightened by the older school kids in the school and I think the musical would be a lot duller without these characters being portrayed by actual children; yes adults can play children just as good as actual children can - but there's something about their innocence, cheekiness and fun way of going about life, that I think made the play a lot better by being portrayed by the young actors and I think this decision, made by Dennis Kelly and the director - Matthew Warchus - was the correct one.

Mr and Mrs Wormwood are Matilda's mean parents - at the beginning Mrs Wormwood has no clue she's pregnant and it's straight away obvious neither parent cares about their daughter. With Mr Wormwood constantly calling her a "he" and them both constantly finding Matilda irritating as she disagrees with their crooked ways. These two characters also add a lot of comedy to the play - their stupidity because of their simple lifestyle makes them humorous and as Matilda constantly out wits them throughout the play which adds to the comedy in the story.

I think Mr Wormwood's simple mind, silliness, over-gelled hair and weird green suit made him one of my favourite characters from the show - I found his crazy mannerism's absolutely hilarious and this just made me love his character even more. Strangely, the next morning me and Meg saw a man that looked and spoke exactly like Mr Wormwood, it was really weird how similar they were but also hilarious; because the man probably had no idea that he looked like a well-known character that was purposely styled for comedic reasons.

My favourite songs from the show are "When I grow Up" and "Revolting Children" both of which featured in Act Two of the show. The Swings that were used in When I Grow Up made the scene quite magical to watch. The children and adults effortlessly make all the swings in-sync throughout the scene and I think this just made the whole thing absolutely incredible and it was probably my favourite part of the show to watch as it bought out the big kid in me and had my enraptured throughout the entire thing. Revolting Children was amazing as well  - Bruce began the song and I really love how he gets to show off his outstanding vocals. The high energy in this scene is great - and I think this is one of the things that made me absolutely love it, the characters take what Miss Trunchbull says about them and turn it against her - having fun whilst singing and dancing along to a song that is taking the mick out of the horrible comments that are meant to offend them - they are beating a bully by not letting her untrue comments effect them. I also love how all the children are included in these two scenes and you can tell they're enjoying every moment of it - just as the audience is.

I would hugely recommend going to see Matilda The Musical, it's a fun filled family show and in my opinion it was absolutely incredible, I couldn't rave about it enough. If I had the opportunity to see the show again I would jump at the chance; it's one of those shows that you know you could sit through a hundred times and not get bored; sort of like a good movie or a good book - both of which I've seen/read many times in the case of Matilda. And I can't stop listening to the Matilda soundtrack - the songs are so catchy and they're making me reminisce on a great evening/weekend away with my best friend.

"Just because you're little, doesn't mean you can't do a lot"

To find out more about Matilda The Musical click here to visit the website. 

Until Next Time,

Alice x

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Weetabix Breakfast Smoothie

Deciding to go on another health kick, I was getting kinda bored of having the same old cereals and fruit for breakfast and I wanted to try something new; eating the same old things was making it difficult for me to be healthy and I wasn't enjoying what I was eating.

Spotting this recipe on the back of a weetabix box, I thought I'd give it a go and see if I enjoyed it - I thought it was the answer to trying something new and mixing up my breakfast routine a bit. Safe to say it was both enjoyable and filling - perfect for a breakfast time. The smoothie just tasted like eating a weetabix for breakfast except it was in drink form than a solid form. It's also a really good recipe to follow if you haven't got time for breakfast in the morning - it's a great thing to have on the go, as well as being really healthy, nutritious and full of vitamins.

Sumptuous Smoothie:

With this recipe I used my Kilner Drinking Jar, and I filled it to the top with some leftover mixture as well, so if you want to make this smoothie for two or more people I'd probably double or triple the batch.


1 Weetabix
A Handful of Raspberries
A Handful of Strawberries
150ml of Yoghurt (For this I used No Fat Greek Yoghurt)
200ml of Milk


1) Measure out the yoghurt and milk and pour them both into the blender
2) Put your weetabix into the blender with the yoghurt and milk
3) Grab a literal handful of raspberries and strawberries and place these into the blender with all your other ingredients.
4) Blend all your smoothie together until it is smooth, tip it into a glass and enjoy!
(It doesn't really matter which order you put all the ingredients into the blender as long as they're included.)


I used Greek Yoghurt for the smoothie, however I would recommend either including honey as well as the yoghurt or using a honey yoghurt as using Greek Yoghurt alone made the smoothie a bit bitter. OR
Including less greek yoghurt and more milk may be the answer - as this would make the smoothie a bit thinner as well, as including so much yoghurt did make it quite thick.

If you don't like Raspberries/Strawberries, only include one or the other. Both are only included to add more flavours to your smoothie.

If you have a Kilner Drinker Jar, I would recommend using it and a straw for your smoothie - it makes the drink feel a lot more summery and it makes the idea of drinking a healthy smoothie a lot more exciting (for me anyway - but I am a bit strange)

"In life, much like smoothies, you get out what you put in"

Until Next Time,

Alice x
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Alice Through The Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass is the sequel to Alice In Wonderland the first book written by Lewis Carroll and the first film produced/directed by Tim Burton. The story once again follows Alice Kingsleigh and her journey to Underland, however this time she is lead by Absolem to the Looking Glass where on the other side she meets the White Queen, the Chesire Cat, the White Rabbit and Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Her Underland friends tell her that the Mad Hatter is gravely ill over the long ago loss of his family; and hoping to help the Hatter by visiting the past and saving his family oO Frabjous Day, Alice is told she needs to visit Time so she can use the Chronosphere to travel into the past. A task none of the other Underland residents can complete in fear that they will see their past selves and destroy history. When Time refuses to give the Chronosphere to Alice, she steals it and whilst being chased by Time through the past, she goes on a journey where she discovers different parts of the puzzle she needs to resolve in order to save the Hatter. She also encounters younger versions of the characters including the evil Red Queen and the younger Hatter. 

Back when Alice In Wonderland was released in 2010 I was a huge fan of the film, and the same goes for this one, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the story of Alice and her friends continue, as she goes on another adventure, so different from the original story of Wonderland. I loved how as Alice went on her journey she discovered the task given to her wasn't quite as simple to solve as she originally thought, and a lot of the audience can relate to this, as things are never really as simple as they first seem but the journey you go on makes you learn new things and you come out better and stronger on the other side, and all these journey's make up your life.  

The only bad part of the film I could really think of was, that it was a quite fast pace film, and although this is generally a good thing, parts of the movie did feel a bit rushed, so I think they could've expanded some areas - like the clips of Alice interacting with the characters in the past - and made them slightly longer so more development was included in the scenes, such as the 'sisterly' relationship between Iracebeth and Mirana (the Red Queen and the White Queen). 

The Time master was definitely one of my favourite characters in the film, although I absolutely adore the Mad Hatter and Alice, the new addition to the Underland team was a really good one. Although he is portrayed as the bad guy in the movie trailer, Time actually just wants the best for Underland, and after Alice steals the Chronosphere, she puts the whole of Underland at risk by stealing the thing that keeps Time functioning. The longer the chronosphere is missing, the more panicked Time headquarters becomes, as the main clock begins to break down and everyone worries it is the end of Time in Underland. Time is quite an entertaining character, with his unique personality (that is quite hard to describe or explain), teamed with his voice/accent, that is so different from the rest of the characters - he kept me very amused throughout the film. Even when he was panicking about the Chronosphere, the way he voiced how he was feeling and reacted to the situation was very entertaining. He also did some seemingly unusual things but I think they all contributed to making the character so comedic and unique.

Overall, I would hugely recommend going to see this film, if you loved the first movie, you'll bound to love this one - plus seeing Gloucester docks at the beginning of the movie, is something you need to see if you're from the local area.

"You can't change the past, you can only learn from it"

Until next time,

Alice x

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