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 So I thought for letter L I'd do something a little bit different. I struggled to think of an idea for this letter, but I thought writing about my favourite lipsticks would be something unusual for me to do and it would be cool to let you know my favourite brands and colours.

No7 Stay Perfect in Blushing Rose

This has to be my overall favourite lipstick I have. The colour matching that No7 do for your foundation, then gives you several different lipstick colours that match your skin tone; these give you an idea of what colour to choose from their range. My foundation colour is Cool Vanilla, so Blushing Rose was an option based on that. However, there are many different shades of pinks and reds for each skin colour. My favourite thing about this lipstick is that it's long lasting. I usually use this lipstick on a night out and I only normally have to re-apply it once or twice as it lasts even when we're drinking. However I also love the colour, it's a nice pink colour, which isn't too bright so it matches a lot of outfits. The lipstick gives a matte look but it's also hydrating for your lips keeping them hydrated - so they don't dry out at all.

Collection Colour Pout Lipstain in Pout

After losing my MaxFactor colour pen back last year, I needed a replacement as I loved using the Lip Pen for everyday use. So discovering the Collection Colour Lipstain was my saviour. The pen form this lipstain takes makes it really quick and easy to put on, so if you're rushing out the door, or just generally hate doing your lipstick this is a great alternative to a proper lipstick. They do a few different shades in this Lipstain but I love the bright pink colour as it makes my make up and outfit feel brighter. The only downside to this lip pen is that as it wears off throughout the day, you end up with only random strands of colour left on your bottom lip, which looks a bit strange if you don't top up your lipstain or rub it off completely.

MaxFactor in Ruby Tuesday 715

This MaxFactor colour Elixir lipstick is a really nice, bright red colour.The lipstick adds moisture to your lips so they never get too dry and I always find that the lipstick gives a really smooth finish. I don't wear this colour too often as I don't have many outfits it goes with, however whenever I do, I always find - like the No7 lipstick - that I don't have to re-apply it at all throughout the day, it generally gives good coverage for the most part and the bright red colour is really nice to wear on the odd occasion as it makes a change from my pinker lipsticks.

Those are my three favourite lipsticks that I own - I'd definitely recommend trying them out if you're looking for new long lasting lipstick to try.

"A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear"

Until Tomorrow,

Alice x

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