H - Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese

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The first thing my mum taught was her Spaghetti Bolognese. It took me a few tries to be able to cook it completely by myself but after making it for me and my family ever monday evening for the last 6/7 months I could recite the recipe backwards.

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese:

This recipe is for 5 people - as their are 5 people in my family and i've never cooked it for just one or two people. However, if you need to cook for more or less people than this just multiple or divide by however many people you are cooking for. 


1 Onion
4 Mushrooms
2 Beef OXO cubes
250 grams of mince (This works out as 50 grams per person) 
1 Carton of Tomato Passata 
1 Schwartz Spaghetti Bolognese Mix
250 Grams of pasta (50 grams per person) 
1 Garlic Bread 


1) Fill your Pasta saucepan about half way with cold water. Place the lid on the pan and place it on the hob putting it on a high heat so it comes up to the boil.
2) Put olive oil in your Bolognese saucepan and place it on the hob on a high heat; then start cutting up your onion, once it's all cut up into medium sized pieces place the onion into the pan so it can begin cooking.
3) Next, begin cutting up your mushrooms. and once the onion has been cooking for a few minutes it should go a kind of see through, white colour - this is when you need to put the mushroom in. 
4) Once the mushroom has reduced down and turned brown put the mince into the mixture and continue to cook until its gone brown. 
5) Take the mixture off of the heat and place the lid onto the pan - then drain the fat through holes in the side of the lid by tipping the pan over a bowl 
6) Remove the lid and keeping the pan off of the heat, crumble the two oxo cubes and mix them into the Bolognese.
7) Then, add the Schwartz Bolognese mix and mix it in - at this point the mixture will have gone quite thick and clumpy
8) Finally, add in the carton of tomato passata and mix it all together, making the mixture become a bit looser rather than thick and clumpy. 
9) Place the lid back on the pan and put the bolognese sauce back onto the heat at a medium temperature so its popping every so often but its not boiling. The mixture also needs to be stirred every 5 minutes whilst it's cooking.
10) Put the pasta into the boiling water and turn the hob down to a medium heat so the water is simmering
11) Put the garlic bread into the oven to cook - following the instructions on oven temperature and time on the back of the packet. 
12) Leave the pasta and Bolognese to cook for 20 minutes - but keep a watch over both pans 
13) Serve the Spaghetti Bolognese with the garlic bread and enjoy! 

I hope you find this recipe easy to follow!

"Food is essential to life, therefore make it good"

Until tomorrow, 

Alice x 

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