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Moving to University in September is going to be a big step for me. Leaving home, moving to a brand new place, meeting brand new people. However, as my moving date gets closer, I'm getting more and more excited about moving. Of course I'm nervous as well. I know I'm going to get horrifically home sick and miss my parents to no end, but I also know the move will be good for me. I've always been really close to my family, so I know becoming a bit more independent will be a good step for me. It'll make me grow up and I know living alone will really teach me to look after myself properly.

My mum has been teaching me to cook and clean for myself, over the course of this year. Starting with homemade recipes she normally cooks for me and my family on a weekday, I've learnt Spaghetti Bolognese, Salmon, Chicken Wrapped In Bacon and also how to cook New Potatoes and vegetables, so I can eat healthily with recipes that aren't too difficult to learn. My sister has also been teaching me how to do the washing so I won't take look at a machine when I get to Uni and end up putting my clothes on the wrong wash (which would've happened this time last year). Because I've had time to learn all these small things which will make my life easier in September, I'm actually glad I got the chance to take a gap year. I now realise I wasn't at all ready to go to uni last year, I wasn't prepared in terms of looking after myself and I definitely wasn't ready to leave home. So taking the year out to save some money, and spend time with my family has really helped me become more excited for uni rather than terrified.

I've already joined a couple of facebook groups for my university. I thought getting a head start on finding people from my course and talking to people going to the same uni as me - whether I'll actually bump into them when we get there or not - just talking to a few people that will be starting at the same time as me has already made me feel a bit more confident in meeting new people once I arrive.

I think going to my acting auditions last year has also given me an advantage over most people moving to uni. When we were at our auditions everyone was talking to each and being friendly, nobody new each other, but we were all in the same situation. We could sit in silence not talking and make the day really boring and un-enjoyable, or we could talk, have a laugh, get to know each other and make the experience fun. After only a few hours at each audition, I even came out with a couple of friends who I even keep in contact with on the odd occasion now. It just goes to show how quickly and easy it is to meet and bond with new people. On the first day of uni, it's not like you're the new kid in a class full of old students, you're all in the same boat with the fact nobody knows who anyone else is. So I know when I first meet my room mates or my course mates I just need to be confident in talking to new people, being friendly and being myself.

If you have any advice for moving to uni let me know in the comments!

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult"

Until tomorrow,

Alice x

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