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When I was younger I absolutely hated being compared to Alice In Wonderland. As soon as someone said to me "Were you named after Alice In Wonderland?" or "Did you fall down a rabbit hole?" I'd get so defensive and angry that I'd end up so frustrated with the person I'd have to walk away from them (or run away in the case of 8 year old me). I think it was because it was a constant occurrence of people I'd already known for 2 or 3 years suddenly asking me this repetitive question and I felt like if someone asked me that question they wanted me to be Alice In Wonderland - they wanted to be friends with her instead of me - so in other words I was jealous of Alice In Wonderland. But hey I was a strange child.

It wasn't until I was in year eight or nine until I actually came to love Alice In Wonderland. One day someone mentioned it to me and I just decided I found it super cool that my name was the same as this character in this well known and loved book. This girl who had gone on this crazy adventure with these strange and amazing creatures and people. I mean if 8 year old me could've realised how awesome it was that it was even insinuated that I was named after Alice In Wonderland I would've probably saved myself a lot of tantrums. I've found appreciating Alice In Wonderland is a lot better than hating it, being able to set my 18th birthday party around the theme of the mad hatters tea party was one of the highlights of my 2015 (the "drink me" bottles were particularly cool) and I get so mesmerised when I spot old editions of the book in a shop, I spend ages flicking through and looking at all the pages - it's things like that make me wonder how I could've ever disliked the story. 

I think the origins of Alice in Wonderland began to interest me when I found out that Alice Liddell (The person which Alice in Wonderland is based upon) and her sisters, Edith and Lorina, stayed in my home town in 1863. Charles Dodgson (who use the pseudonym Lewis Carroll) a good friend of their fathers also visited alongside them. and there's speculation that Cheltenham is where Charles Dodgson was first inspired to create Alice Through the Looking Glass (although this story wasn't published until 1871), I think that's why I find it so cool that they came to Cheltenham, as my boring old town could've been what first inspired Dodgson to create a further series of stories about a young girl and her adventure down a rabbit hole.

This is my first post for my A-Z April challenge. I hoped you all enjoyed this post. If you want to know more about Alice Liddell's visit to Cheltenham then click here

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  1. Welldone for this ali! It's so much longer than mine haha. But it's so gooood! x

  2. Thank you chum! All of mine are this length or longer hahaha might have to start making them shorter! I love your little post too though it's cute!x