The Perfect Pancakes!

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With Shrove Tuesday looming, I thought posting the simplest and easiest pancake recipe would help guide along anyone who has absolutely no idea where to start with making their pancakes. This is the recipe we've used in my household for years, it's from one of my mum's really old cookery books and I find it really easy to follow. I can't make pancakes without following a recipe, I just get confused over how many grams you need of each ingredient and the order in which you put them into the bowl - so hopefully this recipe will help you out too.

This recipe makes around 2-3 pancakes - so enough for one person to eat. However, we just multiple the ingredients by how many mouths we need to feed (in my house that's 5 so if we're meant to use 100 grams we use 500 grams), but beware, with pancakes you can end up with making more or less than you thought you would - it's a bit of a guessing game really as as you can never use the same amount of batter in one pancake as you do in another so each one turns out differently (we always end up with 2 or 3 more pancakes than we expected to have)


Mixing Bowl
Whisk (Preferable electric but handheld is ok too)
Frying Pan
Spatula/Fish Slice


100g (4oz) of plain flour
A pinch of salt
1 egg
250ml ( ½ a pint) of milk or a mix of milk and water


1) Mix the flour and salt together, and then add the egg.
2) Beating well, gradually add all of the liquid until smooth. 
3) Wipe your frying pan with a small amount of oil (ensuring you do this in between cooking each pancake - before you pour more batter into the pan)
4) Using a ladle, fill it with pancake mix and pour it into the frying pan - slowly moving the pan around in order to spread out the pancake mix so it covers the bottom of the frying pan
5) When the pancake begins cooking the yellow batter will become a slightly darker colour and air bubbles will start to appear in the middle of the pancake. 
6) Using a plastic spatula or fish slice gently separate the pancake from the edge of the frying pan by running the utensil around the edge of the pan. 
7) Once you're satisfied the underneath of the pancake is cooked either flip the pancake by throwing it up into the air in the traditional way or slide your kitchen utensil underneath the pancake so the pancake sits on the spatula or fish slice and then flip it over. 
8) Once the pancake is cooked, slip it from the pan straight onto a plate and begin the same process again - ensuring you wipe the pan with more oil each time. 
9) Finally, serve your pancake with your favourite things and bask in pancake heaven - Some examples are Caster sugar, Lemon juice, Chocolate sauce, Toffee sauce, Maple syrup, Golden syrup and of course, nutella. 

I hope this recipe helps make your pancake day more stress free and little bit easier. Let me know whether you use this recipe, and what crazy and wonderful things you like to put on your pancakes! 

"Try not to be like pancakes and get all flipped out, be like syrup, and go with the flow" 


Alice x

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