The Clothes Show Live 2015

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Although the Clothes Show Live takes place at the beginning of December each year I've only just become available to write about it due to working a lot over the Christmas period (that's retail for you). The dates of the clothes show vary each year however it always runs for 5 days at the NEC Birmingham and always includes a weekend.

For the past few years my cousin has invited me and my sisters to go to the clothes show with her however we've always rejected her offers due to the expense of travelling and tickets. But, this year we decided it was time to take a visit and see what all the hype was about and we weren't disappointed. We had booked the 3pm time slot to go into the fashion theatre and watch the official clothes show catwalk so we knew we had plenty of time to look around both before and after our viewing. As soon as we arrived we bumped into Jake Quickenden from the X Factor and after having a quick photo with him we carried on looking around the many stalls and booths scattered around the huge room. We also searched out the paparazzi pen and the celebrity signing area (where celebrities came at different time periods to meet with fans) and the two smaller stages - image catwalk and the olympus pen style studio (where interviews and catwalks were taking place). We later returned to the celebrity signing area to meet Louise Pentland - none other than Sprinkle Of Glitter - we were kindly given a free poster and once we got to the front of the queue we were able to buy her book, so she could sign it (which of course we did). We weren't allowed to take any "selfies" but one of the lovely ladies on her team offered to take photos for each person meaning we still got some (well A LOT) of photos with her - which was really nice. Louise herself was so amazing and genuine she made sure to stop and have a proper conversation with each of us whilst thanking us for making the time to see her and asking how our day was going. If I had the chance to meet her again I definitely would and meeting her has made me love her YouTube videos even more. 

After meeting Louise we lined up to go into one of the photobooths, which was placed inside an old fashioned car (which was super cool). We got four photos and two prints for £5 which wasn't too expensive (especially for a photobooth anyway). After this we carried on wandering around stopping at various stalls whenever we spotted something that interested us. I found a navy blue coat for £20 - which was a total bargain considering how much you would usually pay on the high street. Me and my sister also purchased the Barry M goody bag for £10 which was definitely worth the money. Inside I got 6 Nail varnishes varying in colour, 2 eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses and 2 eyeliners - one of which was a silver pencil eye-liner and the other a black pen eyeliner. Considering how much you would usually pay in boots to purchase all of these things I can 100% say it was worth the £10. If I went
back to the clothes show another year, I would probably purchase more than one goody bag as I have already used the nail varnishes from Barry M quite a lot.

Going into the fashion theatre to watch the clothes show, I didn't expect much. I thought the models would walk down the catwalk in this seasons newest fashion trend and I would probably come out thinking "that was alright but a bit boring". However, I was completely wrong, the clothes show had set a whole theme, so the models came out assisted by different types of dancers ranging from ballet to street dance and they put on a whole show - they did performances surrounding water, earth and evil as well as many other different themes which made the whole show a lot more interesting and exciting than I'd imagined. They also had models showing what the trends are for this season and how you can buy them. For example, Glam Rock from River Island and Metallics from New Look, I think this instantly made us as an audience interested in the show as we wanted to know what the new trends were.

I would definitely recommend going to the clothes show, even if you're not big on fashion or make up, although it is widely based around these things, there are other stalls there such as jewellery stalls, food stalls and knicky-knack stalls which have lots of different things ranging for emoji cushions to china signs. Me and my sister spotted a stall where you got given a tote bag and you were assisted in screen-printing onto it a promotion for Alcatel onetouch (who were in association the clothes show 2015) - however the scene on the bag is quite cool, it isn't an obvious promotion for the company instead it looks really stylish and interesting. A lot of reality TV stars were there however I've only watched the odd episode of Made in Chelsea or TOWIE so I wasn't hugely bothered about meeting any of those stars, but we stopped to see Jamie Laing at the candy kitten stall as my cousin was a big fan of MIC.

Thank you for reading this blog post! If you want to find out more about the clothes show 2015 or are interested in going to the clothes show 2016 then click here to find out more.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

Until Next Time,

Alice x

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