My 18th Birthday Party

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For my 18th birthday, I did various things ranging from going out drinking with my friends, spending the day in Bourton on the water with my sister and parents and having a garden party with my extended family. 

For my garden party I wanted to create some unique and adventurous invites, 

  1. First I bought some 11" balloons (these I bought from card factory for 99p for a pack of 6 - they come in various colours and are easy to inflate) 
  1. Secondly, my sister designed an A6 invite which had all the details about my party on, this piece of paper was going to go inside the balloon. She also created an A5 design which we printed onto card and stuck the balloon onto, which had the instructions of what my guests had to do to retrieve the actual invite. (You don't have to design these invites you could easily order them online or buy them from a supermarket, party shop etc) 
  1. After this my mum used a skewer stick to tightly roll up the A6 invite so it was easier to slide it inside the balloon.
  1. Once the invites were inside the balloons I used some decorative tape to stick the balloon neck to the A5 card (the tape I used for the balloons we already had from when I was younger, but it's easy to pick up from craft stores.)
  1. We then placed the invites inside the named envelopes and delivered them to my family.

    different from the normal 'Facebook messenger' invite. So, I decided to create some "Blow me up and pop" invitations. Now you're probably thinking "what the hell is that". Well, your guests get given a balloon which they need to blow up, once the balloon has a decent amount of air in, they can then pop the balloon and the invite (with all the details of your party) will be released from inside. To create my invites I did as follows:

     As you can see my garden party followed the theme of Alice In Wonderland as I wanted to create a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party'. But your invites could follow the theme of anything or could just be basic but bright if your party doesn't have a theme.

    My invites were a hit with my family, a few of them attempted to get the invite from the balloon without blowing up and popping it, as they didn't want to ruin the invite (and some of them actually succeeded) but for the most part, a lot of my family thought the idea I came across on Pinterest, was really cool and different, which is what I was aiming for. If I received a "Blow me up and pop" invite, I would probably get quite excited. They are brilliant for all ages, and different occasions, and although they are quite a lot of work, they were definitely worth  the time. 

    If you need any more inspiration, look at my "18th Birthday Ideas" board on my Pinterest account or visit A Girl and A Glue Gun where I followed the blog post to create my invites. 

        Until Next Time, 

    Alice x  

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