The Five Year Engagement

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'The Five Year Engagement' is a film that was released in 2012 and is from the makers of 'Bridesmaids'. The film stars Jason Segel (Tom Solomon) and Emily Blunt (Violet Barnes), however, the approximately, 2 hour and 4 minute film literally does feel like 5 years. Whilst the acting is amazing and the plot did keep my attention for the entirety of the film, the whole story line seems dragged out and quite predictable.
The film starts by showing you how the couple - Tom and Violet - become engage, the proposal includes them reminiscing on how they first met, this cleverly includes flashbacks which gives the audience visual evidence on their meeting and allows us to see exactly how it happened.  Not long after this scene, it is revealed why they put their marriage on hold (she wants a career first and he's happy to do whatever makes her happy), but as they get settled into their new life in Michigan, it not only becomes unclear to the audience whether Violet is a teacher or student at the university, but this is where the rest of the film goes down hill. When we first saw the couple they were happy and clean-cut but as it becomes more obvious that Tom (Segel) is unhappy with their move, he becomes more depressed and scruffy; this turn in his life gave me an uncomfortable itch underneath my skin and made me feel cringey and dirty. Not only this but as the couple drift apart it becomes evident that something is going to happen between Violet (Blunt) and her new tutor -Winton (Rhys Ifans), an older guy who gives off a creepy vibe. After more drama between the couple (whilst together and apart) they finally get back together at the end of the film and eventually get married. My finishing comment as the credits rolled down the screen was "Finally" which basically sums up the entirety film.
I wouldn't completely out-rule this film as 'a must watch'  however I wouldn't name it as one of the best films I've seen either. If you were having a girly night in or just a random film day maybe it would be one you'd put on your list as a 'lets just give it a go'. But, if I had to rate it out of 1 to 10 I'd probably give it a 4. 

"There is no right cookie, you just choose one and take a bite"

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